DWM1004-ES. Can't connect with phone

I use DWM1004-ES module on the DWM 1001 board.
I can’t find module with DRTLS app, despite the fact that LED state of module is changing while Android App is searching for devices.
I load your firmware to the module, but it can’t help.

Thank you for the advices!

Hi Olga,

I suppose you are talking about Decawave DRTLS Manager App.
In general DWM1004C module is incompatible with MDEK Kit and this app. The module is based on STM32L041G6U6S MCU and targets simple applications such as TDoA Tx-only blink Tag - actually this firmware is factory programmed into it.
DWM1001С module is based on nRF52832 MCU, thus MDEK firmware image is incompatible with DWM1004C module.

Hi, alec!
Please tell me what RX module is compatible with DWM1004 V3.
And it is right, when we have DWM1004-ES kit only, we can’t build whole measurement system, because there are no receivers at the kit?

Thank you!