DWM1001 - UWB bit rate 110 kbits/s problem

Hi, I’m using two dwm1001 and a simple example for raw data transfer. Examples are ss_twr_init and ss_twr_resp, I just made simple changes. The code works just fine with 850 kbits and 6.8Mbits, but doesn’t work when I change them 110kbits/s. So what do you think about it?

110k frame length is much greater than 6.8 (~ 10 times larger), you may need to adjust timings, please check.

Which bit is failing? Does the Responder get the initial message from the Initiator? Do it fail to TX response? Does the Initiator fail to RX response?

Debugging App Note (APS 022) describes/gives hints how to debug systems…