DWM1001 Updated Android application

Hello guys,
I have been using Decawave android application for a while and with the new firmware update, even the application code has been changed. I wanted to know if I need to change the whole source code or only selected files need to be updated, if so which all. I’m unable to find documentation for the updated Android application.

Thank you for any suggestion and help.

Hi afeef,

I’m not quite sure what you mean. You need to install the new apk on your android device as well as flashing any dwm1001 device with the new firmware.

The android application is very similar.


I have made many changes in the old app so its not easy to migrate those changes to new one that’s why i was asking whats new in the new application code.

Hi Afeet,

Sorry I wasn’t sure this is exactly what you were asking.

We have updated the source code for the new app, but the changes should be minored.

Out of curiosity what kind of change have you implemented ? If by any chance you are interested in sharing them on the forum please do it, I’m sure it will be beneficial for the community.


Hey Yves,

Sorry but I can’t really tell the details about implementation but it will be a great help if anyone can assist me with documentation for updated android application changes.