DWM1001 two-way ranging rate custom setting


I want to get only raw distance (ranging) measurements from DWM1001, faster than the API call “dwm_pos_get” running in 10 Hz.

From my understanding of the example code in github, it would be possible to implement a custom configuration to get distance data. And POLL_TX_TO_RESP_RX_DLY_UUS in this code (which is currently 100 milisec) seems to be the factor that determines the ranging rate.

I wonder if ranging faster than 10 Hz is possible and there is some recommended range of the value for POLL_TX_TO_RESP_RX_DLY_UUS or rate-related parameters for reliable operation. I’m considering 4-8 anchors and a tag.

Thank you!

Hi Kim,

the limitation of 10 Hz in PANS is due to network design which try to fit many scenarios. It can provide up to 15 nodes running at 10 Hz or more nodes running at lower update rate. The total update rate should be 150 Hz at any time.

If you need only distances as fast as possible then use rather the examples from github. Depends on radio settings you can achieve hundreds or thousands of measurements per second, so the answer to your question is definitely yes.


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