DWM1001 TLV_Command response problem


I want to talk to you about TLV_command response problem.

First of all, I am using dwm1001 chip, not mdek1001

The power(3.1V, LR6 * 2EA) is directly supplied to the chip and UART communication is used.

3.1V GND is connected to Pin 1

3.1V VCC is connected to Pin 12

UART_RX <-> TX at Pin 18

UART_TX <-> RX at Pin 20

UART GND at 34

I want to send and receive commands to the TLV.

For example,

When I send 0x15 0x00(UART TLV command, “dwm_ver_get”) to dwm1001,

I get data 0x40 0x01 0x00 0x50 0x04 from DWM1001 except Value(fw_version), Type, Length, Value(cfg_version)

Fig.1 dwm_ver_get TLV response

As Fig. 1 shows, I cannot get data RED box. I can get only 5 bytes from TLV response of

Even if I type any TLV commands, it only comes up to 5 bytes.

I didn’t think that the buffer is not enough.

Could you help me to find the solution?


p.s Sending to “0x15 0x00”, Responding “0x40 0x01 0x00 0x50 0x04”.jpeg

Hi Klamata,

I suspect that your host program/device has some problem with receiving of more than 5 bytes. Maybe it’s too slow or maybe there is some buffer limit. This can be often the case of USB-UART converts. I would focus on that first.

Try also other commands which return shorter response.