DWM1001 tags visibility

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[color=black]I have followed the quick start videos and set up 4 anchors and set up a network using the Decawave RTLS app and use the “Grid” to view Tag position. Anchor locations are set to (0,0), (3.1,0), (2.9,4.2) and (0,4.1). The Anchors are around 2m high and in clear view of each other.

At the moment there are 7 Tags active. Once I tap the “Grid” option, all the tags appeared on the grid but later some of them disappeared. For some reasons, the grid only shows a maximum four instead of total 7 tags at any one time. [/color]
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[color=black]Need to know why this kind of disappearance happened. I would really appreciate all your kind responses.[/color]
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[color=black][font=Lucida Handwriting]Melur[/font][/color]

Hi Melur,

Your android device cannot handle as many bluetooth connection, and this is the reason why the tags are not all connected simultaneously.

Thank you,