DWM1001 SPI pins when not using PANS


I’ve been looking through the available documentation but can’t find information on which nRF52832 pins are used for SPI communication with DW1000 and which for I2C for accelerometer. I am experimenting with already existing firmware for nRF52832 + DWM1000 and trying to run it on DWM1001 but without this information it’s more difficult. I would greatly appreciate if somebody could help me with figuring this out or pointing to correct documentation.


Check out https://www.decawave.com/dwm1001-documents-source-code-android-application-firmware-image - Inside there is a schematic of the DWM1001 module, and you can see what the pin connections are. Specifically in the file “DWM1001_module_schematics_vd1.pdf”

SPI1_MISO: P0.18
SPI1_MOSI: P0.20
SPI1_CLK: P0.16
DW_IRQ: P0.19
DW_CS: P0.17
DW_RST: P0.24
SDA: P0.29
SCL: P0.28

Hi guys,

I’ve attached the complete table. DWM1001 datasheet should be updated this week with the information.


Thank you for your answers. Eventually I found this thread https://www.decawave.com/decaforum/showthread.php?tid=460 which links to interesting documents, including one which answered the question

I’ve been reading the schematics but I don’t find where are connected some pins.
For instance, P0.02, P0.04, P0.04 are connected to the label J6,J7 and J8 but they are never used,
Are they accessible ? They don’t appear in the pinout of the module :frowning: