DWM1001 Shorter Range than DWM1000

Why is the range of the DWM1001 ~60m while DWM1000 is ~300m line of sight? Both are based off the DW1000 transceiver.

I see the DWM1000 is operating on channels 1, 2, 3, 5 (3244-6999)MHz and the DWM1001 is operating only on channel 5 (6240-6739.2)MHz. Why is the DWM1001 only operating on a single channel?

Thanks in advance!

DWM1001 uses CH5 and a 6.8MBps Data rate. This choice of data rate and smaller antenna physical size dictates the 60m LOS range on the DWM1001 . The entire network stack, frames and firmware timing depends on the 6.8MBps.

Thanks, Kenneth!

Is there anything that can be changed on the DWM1001’s the increase this range?



The FW that comes with the module has these configurations fixed, and they cannot be changed. You can, of course, wipe the MCU flash and download your own application with own settings… however note the antenna is optimised for channel 5.