DWM1001 Setup with MDEK- Devel Kit


I set up the development modules, all around one room. I set up 4 as anchors, one on each wall, and had 8 tags, the tags were showing on the Decawave app for a couple minutes before they all just disappeared. The tags were set-up as all 10Hz, and active. They reappeared and then disappeared again a couple moments later. I switched them to 1Hz and active, and the problem persisted. I can now never get more than 5/8 showing at once. All of my anchors are also set to active. Did I do something wrong? Should I set one of the anchors to passive? Is there something else I am missing?

Thanks in advance.

The visualization of Tag and Anchors on the Tablet/Phone relies on BLE and the BLE Stack.
You may be reaching the limit for your particular Android.

I have a related question: what is the “Network” definition? Is it only an organisational structure for the app (to manage multiple tracking setups) or is it a config paramater that the nodes have to have? In the API documentation I don’t see any reference to that.

The Network is the actual UWB network with a specific PAN ID formed by the Anchor and Tags that are configured to be active and be part that PAN. When setting up the network the App can assign tags and anchors to an existing PAN ID or create a new Network that results in a network with a different PAN ID.