DWM1001 Set/Get panid using SPI/UART

Dear all,

The new DWM1001-API-Guide-2.1.pdf holds commands to set / get panid to set or get the network identifier of the node = a 2-byte integer. As this is already documented I’d like to know how I can get DWM1001 modules to answer those calls via UART. It seams they are currently not supported, a DWM1001 module always answers with the result of standard dwm_cfg_get call (when sending dwm_panid_get).
Any idea to get this to work? Will my DWM1001 modules need an update to support these functions?


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Hi jmode,

The only way to set PanId at the moment is over BLE. An api to set it up in user application or over UART/SPI will be added in the next release (mid Q2).

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@Yves_Bernard any updates on this API, is it availaible yet?

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