DWM1001 Raspberry Pi

I am currently working with the DWM1001 modules. I am having success in setting them up and getting the positions to appear on a tablet but getting the positions to be read on a Pi remains elusive. Does anyone have a practical step-by step guide on how to accomplish this task? I know that there are firmware and deployment guides available online but they have been very unhelpful. This is a big favor but it would really help a lot.

Gateway document is very straight forward.

Or you can use a Anchor in passive mode and connect to PI
First you can use Tera Term and connect it to your PC (bard 115200), then enter into uart mode “dwm”, by comamnd “double enter”

use command “les” to get all near by tags position

i believe you have a DWM1001 Dev module.
take it apart and attach it to a PI 3B (preferred) and do the same using python or C code.