DWM1001 Ranging to Anchors

I want to get distance only between several Tags and 2 Anchors using UART generic mode.

From reading the Api Guide it appears I need to do the following, is this correct?

Set up the 2 Anchors, One must be set as Initiator

Host Disables Location Engine by sending “cfg_tag_set” command (0x0x) with “loc_engine_en = 0”

Host reads distance to anchors using “dwm_log_get” command (0x0C) and reads TLV type 0x49 from received packet
Delay between calling function = ???

I notice when I look at the “Shell Mode” version of the command (“les”) it states that "sending this command multiple times will turn on/off this functionality.

Does this only apply to the shell version of the command?

Hi Orbit,

The delay between the function will depend on when you get an answer. You can send the TLV as soon as you have an answer from the previous command.

Please note that on a tag, you will get the ranges to maximum 4 anchors and that you cannot decide which anchor the tag will range to. It will take the 4 closest anchors in each quadrant.

Also, note you can retrieve the range to the anchors only on the tag itself.

In the shell user mode, the command LES will continuously send location data to the uart. By sending it again, you will stop this behavior. This is valid only in the shell user mode.

Than you,