Dwm1001 range calculation

Guys. I see several questions about DWM1001 range but seems that still an open question.

For the LOS environment I need transmission power . Is it -17dBm ?

Also, I see in antenna manual that antenna gain varies with direction. So in order to calculate the distance, shall I use the worst case scenario for 6.5GHz acoording to figure 2D radiation pattern or the average value (-1.1db)?

Using these parameters in a FRIIS calculator, I get the following power receptions:

25 meters -96.35 dBm

50 meters - 102.4 dBm

These values are quite close to Tx speed 6.8 Mbps and 110 Kbps.

I see some comments here wich shows ranges between 100m and 330 meters but seems that are not according to results obtained by FRIIS calculator and is closer to some other reports seen here in this forum.

Which are really correct ?

-17 dBm power is the total power in 500 MHz bandwidth as (per EMC std). You have to chose the minimum value in the antenna gain for calculating the range. For calculating link budget you have to add losses in antenna , PCB , balun …etc. I fabricated one co linear dipole array with 7 dBi Omni gain, For this antenna i got around 70 meter in 450 MHz band width. I am also see some others got more range. This may because this ~500 MHz bandwidth is not obey UWB equvations, which means, The ground reflection is also contributing some amount of the received power level. You may also consider ground bounce to get the result.