DWM1001 Product Certification


Our DWM1001-based product development is at its final stage and we are now entering various certification processes.

Specifically for CE we need

  • EMC
  • Safety
  • Radio

and the FCC-ID, single modular type

Some weeks ago I read in this forum that testing is undergoing at Decawave.
Could someone please enlighten me and all other commercial DWM1001 users about the current status?


Hi Szapo,

Are you using a custom software or PANS (RTLS stack provided by Decawave) ?

We’re still improving PANS with additional features and our current plan for modular FCC certification is September 2018. I would recommend you to wait until Decawave certifies the module to pursue with your own certification.

Please see: https://www.decawave.com/decaforum/announcements.php?aid=9

Let me know if you have any question,
Thank you,

Hi! Thanks for your reply. Yes I already read the announcement.

Is certification on your side bound to the usage of PANS?
In our case we have a custom software based on the Segger example. Does this imply having to do the entire certification ourselves?

Hi Szapo,

Yes our certification will be bound to the usage of PANS.

With a custom firmware, you will have to go through the full certification process.

Update regarding the certification :
The DWM1001 certification will be valid for firmware other than PANS but the firmware developer will have to ensure :
[]the correct RF configuration is being used (CH5,128 preamble length, PRF64, 6.8MBPs)
]the software will comply with regulation (for example device will not transmit more than once within 1ms).
[*]If those constraints are not respected then the certification is void and the full certification process must be down again.
Maybe take a looks at the note below for additional information regarding certification :

Thank you,

Hi Yves,

is there any new eta for the PANS 2.X release?


According to your list, if my configuration is CH2, 1024 preamble length,PRF24,110K, the DWM1001 is not certificated. is it?
Where could I read the specifications for Europe in terms of Software configurations?

Hi Leyre,

This is correct. The DWM1001 is currently not certified for CH2, 1024 preamble length, 110K.

Don’t get me wrong, it is perfectly possible to certify the module for such a configuration, but you will need to go through the full certification process. Please note the DWM1001 hardware integrates an antenna optimised for CH5.

Decawave’s modular certification will be valid only for CH5, 128 PRL, 6.8 Mbps, PRF 64 Mghz.

Please refer to ETSI for regulation rules when using UWB radio within Europe.


ok, thank you for the information!