DWM1001 process timings

Hi there, i’m using the MDEK1001-DEV boards with the given uart interface and the tlv command set.
I tried the existing firmware api for uart and there seems to be some undefined timing behaviour within the DWM1001 for some commands, especially for command which access the internal nvm memory of the DMW1001 (commands like enc_key_set or tag_cfg_set).
Is there any definition of the minimal wait times for the successful execution of such commands? The firmware API guide said, that these commads will take some time but doesn’t definey any minimal wait times. That’s not very handy because if i send any other command and the internal process of the DWM1001 isn’t finished, i got some weird responses from the module.
I would appreciate any minimal time definition for the commands:

  • dwm_pos_set
  • dwm_upd_rate_set
  • dwm_cfg_tag_set
  • dwm_cfg_anchor_set
  • dwm_baddr_set
  • dwm_factory_reset
  • dwm_reset
  • dwm_panid_set
  • dwm_stnry_cfg_set
    Otherwise i had to reverse engineer the timngs and this will cost a lot of time.
    Best regards,