DWM1001 powered by 2 AA batteries


has anyone experience with powering the DWM1001 with 2 AA batteries?

Judging from the Datasheet the DWM uses up to 180mA when RXing, so I am trying to power it with 2 AA batteries in series (gives up to 3V) and a boost regulator (MCP1640) which gives me clean 3.3V. However, after some time (minutes or hours) the DWW1001 suddenly shuts down. Output voltage goes down to about 2V, only complete power reset helps.

What I would like to know is if there are any recommendations or specifications that the DWM1001 requires in order to work reliably.


I use an small LiPo battery, of about 200mAh, a linear regulator to 3.3V out, and the DWM1001 woks OK for weeks, with responsive mode disabled and 1 sample/second. The regulator works fine until voltage in battery falls bellow 3.5V.

I guess a AA battery has much more capacity, so maybe your issue is a question of battery voltaje not enough for your boost regulator.

I recomend to use batteries with voltages above 4V and then a linear regulator to 3.0V.


Thanks for your advice!

It turned out to be a bad selection of inductor (MCP peripheral).
Anyway my radio requirements are very different. We are doing TWR at about 150 times/sec, at this rate a 2xAAA setup gets be around 3.5h, 2xAA setup is still in testing.