DWM1001 power supply


I am currently using the DWM1001 Dev kit for my project and everything works quite fine. Now I want to try some different use cases where I would need some smaller tags. I took a look at the DWM1001 module but I am not quite sure about some things.

If I understood the datasheet correctly, the DWM1001 module works out-of-the box but has no power source included. So, if I want to build smaller tags, I have to add the DWM1001 module with a power source on a PCB and that’s it. To get the position of these tags, I can configure one of my Dev kits as gateways. Is that correct?

Another thing is about the bluetooth connection. Currently, the only way to gather data via bluetooth is with the Android application, but for the next release, many network capabilities will be added to the DWM1001. Is there any update on the release date?

Thanks in advance for your help!