DWM1001 PANS consumption with UWB off

Hello Decawave,

with v1 factory firmware of DWM1001 and UWB turned off, the current consumption is approx. 17 mA, which is way more than any other setup - even 10 Hz tag mode with BT on consumes less. I would expect the device goes to deep sleep mode (4uA current) and waits for wake button to be pressed to start BT.

Please correct that in v2, that will be hopefully available soon. Thank you.

Did you know that 12mA is due to the J-LINK-OB running on the Dev board

This was on DWM1001 only, not DWM1001-DEV. With UWB on I can measure 4uA in deep sleep (between ranging), so there is should be a way to get the same current with UWB off.