DWM1001 on raspberry model 3B can't not see any anchors and tages

Dear Sirs,
I have tried to set up an environment for position detecting. After I set up panid for anchors and tags, I can see them on Android app, but I can’t see them on pi.
Could you guide me how to configure pi to role a gateway and add all anchors and tags into this gateway?

截圖 2022-09-16 下午4.18.23
This figure is my captured log. Can anyone guide me? Thanks.

Hi @herrowang
in most cases this is cause by two possible reasons:

  1. Improper header soldering into the DWM1001DEV module
  2. Improper RPi powering - you must use original 5.1V power adapter


Dear @leapslabs
Thanks for your advice, I would like to try to change the power provider of RPI from connecting to USB port of computer to use original 5.1V power adapter.
But item 1, you could provide any good method about header soldering into a DWM1001-DEV module ?

Hi @herrowang
PC USB port is not sufficient for powering RPi 4 so this would be the main issue.

Regarding the soldering) It just must be soldered. We have seen that some user just plug in the header into the DWM1001DEV (without soldering) and then plug it into the RPI and it obviously didnt work…