DWM1001 mounting on metallic casing

We plan to incorporate a PCB equipped with the DWM1001 onto a metallic surface.

Our product consists of a metallic frame with some electronics inside. The PCB is mounted outside of the frame with a plastic cover over the entire box.

I could not find information on minimum distances in the datasheet, only regarding the design of the PCB itself.
Is it OK to just mount the PCB with the DWM1001 with >10mm space onto the frame?

Hi szapo,

Could you provide a picture maybe ?

We would recommend to keep the antenna as clear as possible from any metal since it will have strong impact on antenna and radio performance. Try to have a clearance of 15cm a least if possible.

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Please find attached an illustration of our design. We have to mount the DWM1001 somehow this way, it is not possible to have 15cm+ distance, the board has to be inside the box.
Until now we are operating a DW1000-enabled device (Pozyx) in a similarly mounted manner and it works quite well, but is there any improvement possible? (e.g. some shielding between metal case and PCB?)

Maybe you could try this yourself, by using 10mm distance between the frame and DWM1001.
For best range and accuracy, reflections from eg the metal casing could influence these
The way you’re thinking of doing the design would make the antenna a “kinda” directional antenna and that may work for you.
The “quite well results” you see with Pozyx , would that also have been with a 6.8mb/s and channel 5 configuration?
How high would the metallic surface be? Could the DWM1001 be moved up if needed, so the antenna is not

OK thanks for the info.
I have to do some measurements but will start with 10mm spacing to the box. It would be OK for us to have this more or less directional characteristic.