DWM1001 Module as a Tag only

I need to design a TAG only with the DM1001 module. I want it as small as possible and don’t need any outputs, except a led for testing if the it works, but I want to disable it after testing so save battery power.

I thought to use the modified MDEK1001-Dev board to program the DMW1001 and then mount it on a little TAG PCB with only the necessary components on it. I was a electronic technician, but my electronics is a bit rusted. What components is essential or do I need on his PCB to get it working as a TAG.

I would appreciate anybody’s help

I presume you mean the DWM1001C. Is the DWM1004C not an option?

There are presently supply issues with DWM modules of any kind.

The DWM1001C requires a carrier board to provide regulated electrical power and to mechanically mount the module. This carrier board can be almost the same lateral size as the DWM1001C module itself, so basically the tag size is determined by the DWM1001C module and the battery you choose.

The carrier has to be about 2 mm larger to allow for soldering the module signals, so figure 22.5 mm wide, 27.5 mm long will be the minimum lateral footprint. A design based on the DWM1004C would be somewhat more narrow and a bit longer.

Is this a one time test at the factory? If so, why have the LED at all since this can be done in many other ways during production.

Or is the LED a user test that is done periodically and thus needs to be user observable?

If you are using a rechargeable battery, how do you plan to indicate when the battery is under charge and fully charged?

An LED that is user visible will add to the mechanical complexity somewhat and probably make the tag larger by some amount.

Primarily one thing: a power supply regulator that makes 3.3 volts.

The main design decision is the battery, which comes from what run time you want under what use case.

If it is rechargeable, then you also have to answer how the recharging is done.

We design about 10 custom UWB tags per year for clients. Everybody has their own particular features they want optimized. Size, cost, run time, reception range, robustness, sealed, sensors, shape, color, battery type, etc. We rarely use the Decawave modules due primarily to wanting to provision different antennas, include an LNA for range increase, and being able to customize the shape.

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Hi all.
I am using this topic because I have similar requirements,

I need a custom TAG, based on DWM1001C and PANS2. It’s NOT for Covid and proximity detection. It’s to be used in a 10 or 15 tag’s over a gateway in not so big area. So, no need special antenna requirements.

I need a micro-usb connector and a charger for battery Li-Ion 300 or 500 mAh.
The size should be 35x65x5mm (W x L x H).

Could be including battery or not.
Programming connectors (in order to flash PANS2 firmware).
Charging led.

You can write privately for doubts, or proposals.

Thank you!.