DWM1001 module(Anchor/Tag) visibility in mobile app

Hi all,

We are using DWM1001-Dev. Configured Anchor and Tag through the mobile app.

Through mobile app able to view location of the Tag in the ‘grid’, but the [size=medium]Tag location dissappears many times[/size] when showing in grid.

Need to know why this kind of dissappearance happening.

And also want to know about firmware updation of DWM1001.



Hi Surendhar,

Can you give more details about the tag disappearing ? Is it for a very short period of time or for extended duration ? Also could you quantify “many times” ? How many time would it happen over a minute ?

We have seen that kind of behavior, and there are several explanation.

Among them :

  • If you don’t use a listener, then make sure the tag is always in the BLE range of the android device. Otherwise, use a listener and keep it close to the android device.
  • Make sure the tag is always in line of sight conditions with at least 3 anchors. Otherwise there is a chance location engine will fail to get a position, and the android app will not receive data to display.

Let me know how it goes,