DWM1001 interface with TREK1000 boards

Hi all,

My research partner and I have recently bought a dwm1001 development board that we’re hoping to use in a RTLS for a mobile robot.
We already own the TREK1000 evaluation kit and were hoping that we could use the four TREK1000 boards, configured as anchors, with the new dwm1001 development configured as a tag.
We are aware that they use different MCU’s but is this something that is achievable without much work?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Ryanks,

This is possible but not straight forward, you need to port the TREK1000 software to the DWM1001 module.


Thanks for the reply, Yves.
I have already starting porting the TREK1000 RTLS application to the nRF52 SoC on the DWM1001.

I notice that there are two ARM source codes for the TREK1000 - one for CooCox and one for CubeMX. I believe I only need to setup my peripherals and then use the “Platform” files to do the porting.

My question is should I use the “Platform” files from CooCox or CubeMX?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


Well when porting to DWM1001 and the nrf52832, all the files in the platform directory must be updated (some significant update may be required).

Cubemx and coocox are two different IDE, so effectively content of platform directory should be very similar for both project. Maybe perform a diff between them or something to check what the difference is.