DWM1001 Gateway and Anchors at the same time (listening tag position with anchors)


I am project manager for Novika Solutions and we started designing a system using dwm1001. We started using the dwm1000 but for simplify synchronization (superframe), we preferred the use of dwm1001.

We did the development to connect all the anchors in tcp / ip poe to limit the traffic on the decawave network with the dwm1000. By using the dwm1001 it’s necessary with a raspberry like gateway to access the configuration and the position in real time of the tag.

We would like our anchors to act as gateways at the same time because they are already connected to tcp / ip. I currently do not find a solution to get by SPI api TLV the position of the tags from the anchors. Can i use an anchor in bridge mode or listener i need to replace the gateway raspberry pi by an anchor/gateway?

Gervais Constant

hi, i was trying to do the same, get the Tag position in the anchor, "It is not possible to get the position from an anchor, you need to read it out of a tag or a listener (effectively a passive tag). "

Hi Gervais,

see this post: DWM1001 - receiving tag location from anchors?
Perhaps it can help you to find the solution.