DWM1001 firmware issue

I build and run dwm1001_on-board_package_v1p0 on DWM1001 moudle.
When I set the DWM1001 as tag, it works OK.
If I set the DWM1001 as anchor, it will change back to tag soon.
Why :huh:

Need help :smiley:

Are you sure you are not setting the device as a tag somewhere in the application code ?

I just build and run the original code download form Decawave :s

The example code set DMW1001 as a Tag. :smiley:

[size=small][font=Monaco, Consolas, Courier, monospace]if (([color=#ff3333]cfg.mode != DWM_MODE_TAG[/color]) …[/font][/size]

[code]if ((cfg.mode != DWM_MODE_TAG) ||
(cfg.accel_en != false) ||
(cfg.loc_engine_en != true) ||
(cfg.meas_mode != DWM_MEAS_MODE_TWR) ||
(cfg.low_power_en != false) ||
(cfg.common.fw_update_en != false) ||
(cfg.common.uwb_mode != DWM_UWB_MODE_ACTIVE) ||
(cfg.common.ble_en != true) ||
(cfg.common.led_en != true)) {

/* Configure device as TAG */
cfg_tag.accel_en = false;
cfg_tag.loc_engine_en = true;
cfg_tag.low_power_en = false;
cfg_tag.meas_mode = DWM_MEAS_MODE_TWR;
cfg_tag.common.fw_update_en = false;
cfg_tag.common.uwb_mode = DWM_UWB_MODE_ACTIVE;
cfg_tag.common.ble_en = true;
cfg_tag.common.led_en = true;