DWM1001 Dynamic Anchors

I have a problem with the anchor seats. I’m trying to realize a solution in which the anchors move for certain needs. The problem comes when an anchor gets separated from the anchors network, therefore it does not listen to the shared seat allocation messages, it loses the seat it was allocated, so it does not keep it and therefore does not get it back until it gets close to the anchors network again. Is there any way for it to keep that seat in sync with the anchors network?
I have tried to put all anchors as initiators in order to get them to self-assign seats and thinking that by listening to each other, they would solve the conflicts that exist when several people have the same seat, but I have seen that sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t. Also, I have observed that there are different synchronizations between the anchors. Can you explain to me if there is a method to solve these conflicts by the firmware and, if so, how it works?

Thank you very much.