DWM1001-Dev very short range coverage


I just installed 4 anchors if DWM1001-Dev and configured another unit to be a Tag, the room is 7m X 10m - 3m height open space, all concrete without any metal material around. all anchors are in line of sight. however I get a very poor performance and short coverage. the best stable position reading I got from the tag is when all the anchors are installed 4 meter far from each other and the coverage is only half of the room.

summery: the tag can only read the Anchors when it is less than 5 meters !! shouldn’t it be 290m as specifics says?

ironically, the BLE of the modules has more range than the UWB communication!

I have configured all the DWM1001 by android tablet. and all are power by 2A USB even the tag.

I have read on this forum about disappointments of the DWM1001 but I think my experience is the worst. am I missing something here? do I need to increase the out-of-box transmission power?

I appreciate any help. thank you