DWM1001-dev using power with out J-link


i want to make small UWB board.

so i don’t want to on board j-link so

try to check like below


connected J1 to power supply
desolder J16

but that is not work

i don’know why…

so i make jumper on J16. if i short j16 jumper it is work.

please for help

thank you.

(j16 work for sleep mode??)
(I really many changed code)

thank you

Hi Jim,

When you said it’s not working, the DWM1001 doesn’t turn on or you can’t program it ?


Hi, David
Sorry late reply.
That is GPIO port setting and code problem about wake up process.
Now I solve that.
Really thank you kindly supporting.

Hi Jim,

No problem :slightly_smiling_face:

Happy to hear that you solved your issue.

have a good day.