DWM1001-Dev Power Consumption in different modes


I am working on DWM1001-Dev board, currently powering it with a battery of 3V.

My question is:

a) if I switch off UWB (OFF Mode) on a DWM1001-Dev tag using the BLE API would the tag enter into a “deep sleep” mode (as per the power consumption graph it would the consume 12microA) and if not what will be the power consumption of the board, I want to keep the BLE communication open.

b) Can you also provide me data on what’s the default BLE Scan rate of a DWM1001 Dev board as a tag?

c) How to put the tag in deep sleep (with RTC & accl. on consuming 12microA power) through BLE API, and is my assumption wrong that when I put tag’s UWB in “off mode” it goes into a deep sleep mode?