DWM1001-dev mounting hole dimensions


We would like to mount the DWM1001-DEV board on a drone. We design our own drone platform and would therefore like to know the diameter of the mounting holes and the center to center distance between the holes in mm.

Could you please provide these dimensions?

We know the board of the dimensions of the actual board from “DWM1001-DEV Datasheet.pdf”.

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Decawave provides STEP files of the DWM1001-dev, just have a look at those.
(Download area DWM1001-dev)

Have a look at the package " DWM1001, DW10001-DEV and MDEK1001 Documents, Source Code, Android Application & Firmware Image"

The step file for the DWM1001-dev is located at “DWM1001-dev/PCB_design_files/”

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Thank you Christian!

That solved my problem!

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