DWM1001-Dev Kalmanfilter


The DWM1001-Dev Board has it’s own “Localization Unit” (using the maximum likelihood estimation) to get the x,y,z coordinates from the position of the tag.

The API provides access to the position, is it possible to use this position as input for a Kalmanfilter to generate a Tracking System(moving objects) or is this allready implemented?
I think the maximum likelihood estimation is only used to generate the position of a not moving object. The Kalmanfilter is used to smooth position information of an moving object to generate a motion path.

Thanks for help :slight_smile:

There is no kalman filter implemented in the PANS firmware.

It is possible to develop one in the user application if you wish, or on a host mcu, using the position as an input.

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Thank you, so for example I can use the position of the tag (x/y/z) coordinates (from the Localization Engine of the DMW1001), given by the SPI API as Input of the Kalman-Filter. The result of the Kalman-Filter should be a “smoothed” line of the localilized object(tag).