DWM1001-Dev Gateway MQTT is delayed (without actual time stamp)

I am receiving messages from Gateway through the MQTT protocol without any issue.
But i am seeing a delay in the message received.

For example, if i have more than 15 devices and an update frequency of 1Hz, in MQTT i am getting the real-time location update in a delay. If there are more message everything is put in queue.

We need to find at what time the device was in this x,y,z. is there any way i can get the actual timelog along with the topic /node/+/uplink/+

Hi Jeba,

the delay you observe cannot be created by the higher amount of devices as you have mentioned. They run at 1Hz so the system is mostly in idle.

What you probably see is delay in position update. In PANS the location is calculated on the module. The calculated location will be sent in the next update rate.

Disable also moving average if you use the Web Manager. It should help to reduce the latency of the position display.


How can i disable moving average?

Hi Jeba,

the button is in the top right menu of the Web Manager.


Got it, thanks.

Is there any way to disable it in the MQTT message received?