DWM1001-DEV board synchronization

Hello again.

I’m opening this thread in hopes of gathering as much information as possible to externally synchronize a couple of DWM1001-DEV boards.

Most importantly, is it possible?

I’d really appreciate any feedback of people who have already successfully externally synchronized the specific boards or have even done it software-wise by building code on the existing DW1000 API examples or DW1001 examples.

Thank you all in advance.

Hi QnQ,

Are you referring to clock synchronization ?

If yes then there are two solutions to perform clock synchronization :

  1. Over hardware : you need a sync pin on each board, and wire all the board to the same clock. I don’t think it can be easily done with the dwm1001.

  2. Over software : the clock synchronization over UWB is possible and has been implemented by several users. It requires a good bit of software work. There is some literature about that, but basically, implementation is based on accurate time stamping of TX,RX in addition to the use of a Kalman filter.

Maybe take a look at the document below that could help you :

Thank you,