DWM1001-DEV auto-positioning question

After I configure 4 anchors on the phone APP(one of them is initiator) , I use the Auto-Positioning function for the basic anchors location, but the result is always fail. The error message is “missing distance between node DW0014 and DW0037”. These anchors is placed in anticlockwise order.
What is the reason of this question? What should I check?


where can order the dwm1001?

What version of code are you using? You have pre-release units so best to contact your local Decawave contact for latest App and Firmware files.
Auto-Positioning will give this message when the anchors are not ideally positioned. Maybe you can try to raise to maybe 2m height and ensure they have LOS to each other. If you have 4 Anchors positioned in a square then they should be ordered in the auto-position screen in a anticlockwise direction. Again, contact your local Sales or FAE.