Dwm1001-dev - about transmit of datas to gateways

Hi, I have some question about dwm1001-dev

We intend to use approximately 25-35 tag in an area(shown below) and we are thinking of placing anchors for every 25 meters by equal distance to each other (Figure-2).


my first question
Let’s say, a tag is exchanging its location/sensor-data with an anchor from away the gateway. How can the datas(location information/sensor-data) be sent to the gateway? Is the transmit of datas going to be like purple arrows (shown below picture)?

If we put a gateway in a place that is shown below, would it be enough for system ? If no, how many gateway do you advise us to place ? and which locations do you advise ?

Thanks in advance.

The Tag is the one that transmits the calculated position to the gate way (not the anchors).
So the distance of the tag from the gateway must be in the range.
If I refer to the current drawing it is about 56m-57m which might be a bit too far, I think. And it will be too fat if the Tag located in the bottom right corner. I’d put the gateway/s in a way that the distance from the Tag is always less than 50m or whatever the Gateway Deployment Guide or System Overview recommend.
Disclaimer: not official answer - just what I know.

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Hi, i have some experience with the MDEK Kit so i will give you my feedback.
If you have a NLOS condition between Tag-Gateway i will recommend you this config:

If you have LOS condition :

Hope you are good.


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hi, dear @securigy2 and @FrancoCapraroArg,

I thank you kindly for your recommendation.