DWM1001 details


Before spamming Decawave support even more with my questions, I might try my luck here at the forum :slight_smile:

We already preordered some of the new DWM1001 and -DEV kits but are in desperate need of more details than those in the already available product brief in order to design a circuit board around the new module. Hopefully the full specs will be released earlier than the shipping in December.

Mainly my questions are

  • Power consumption of the entire module in various scenarios - our board will be battery-powered
  • Exact type of the microcontroller chip used. We plan to integrate a micro USB port for both reprogramming and transmission of live data to a host PC, for this we need a detailed specification.

Can anyone help?
Many thanks in advance!


The DWM1001 module uses the Nordic nRF52832 M4F device.
The DWM1001-Dev board that will come with the DWM1001 mounted will support J-Link OB and VCOM so you can use that for a streaming data off to the PC.

I do not have power numbers to share at this time.



Building off of this original request, I’d like to ask the following:
How much of the nRF52832 memory is consumed performing location calculations and how much of the processor can be used to interact with other components such as GPS or LTE modules via SPI and I2C?
I looked through the preliminary firmware user guide but didn’t see any ballpark figures.


Hello ,

I was going to buy a bunch of DWM1000 when I just saw its name,“DWM1001”. It’s a lot of improvement in comparison with its older brother.
But surprisingly there is no specification for it!!!
Therefore a lot of unanswered questions:
what is its accuracy?
why the 3D acceleration sensor? Further features?
It’s PCB layout?!!
when does it become available? It was planned to be released in November, but now they say “December”?
I would really appreciate if anybody could reveal some details.


Some specs - 50m LOS with 10cm accuracy
The accelerometer is used to switch the location update rate for stationary versus moving tag activity.
Still December date for launch at which point, schematics, firmware and documentation will be posted on the Decawave site.
The product briefs (module, dev board and kit) are no online - https://www.decawave.com/products/overview

The nRF used has [color=#474747][size=medium][font=Calibri, Arial, sans-serif]512 kB flash/64 kB RAM[/font][/size][/color]…What is left over for the user code is 60kB Flash and RAM 3kB.
SPI and I2C can be used to communicate with external modules or sensors.

These numbers are for Release1 firmware code (December 2017). For Release2 (1H, 2018) it will be smaller due to the added features for networking, encryption etc.