DWM1001 default firmware [Solved]

I’m designing a product based on DW1000 chip - this is my very first project with this IC. At this stage, i just want to test the most basic features, that is, simple communication between two DW1000 ICs. For that purpose, i have purchased a DWM1001 kit and I hope to verify my own design by doing TWR between the DWM1001 kit and my custom board.

That being said, I have a few questions:

  • Plugging the DWM1001 kit in usb, i only see the JTAG led on/blinking. i have read in one of the various documents that the kit is alredy loaded with a firmware, yet, if that was the case i would expect any other LED to light up, like LEDs D9 and D11 to show UWB mode. Should i assume that no firmware is loaded and that i need to load one (which i downloaded from this website)

  • I cannot see any BlueTooth device, neither with 3rd party app like NRFConnect, or using Decawave’s RTL app. I guess this normal if no firmware is loaded as described in my statement above.
    I would go on an ask about the simplest way to test TWR between DWM1001 and my custom board, but i guess this deserves a thread on it own… :slight_smile:

Just a quick update, i can confirm the module was shipped without any firmware.

As soon as i loaded the default firmware using the Seger J-Flash Lite, i am able to see UWB related LEDs as well as bluetooth activity.

Now I can go on with the tests.