DWM1001 Data Timeout

I have a question to the dwm_loc_get call in the host api. I got a data timeout of 8 second yesterday, where the function did not return any data. I have 8 anchors in a square 3.5m by 3.5m. 4 in the corners and 4 half way between the corners. The tag was always within LOS. I tested the system further after I saw the timeout, it happens randomly that the I get no position data for a couple of seconds. I use Firmware 2.0. Does anybody have an idea or suggestion. I am trying to fly a drone, so these timeouts are an issue =)

So I realized that during the timeout LED D11 and D13 stop blinking. It almost looks like it is resetting itself or something unusual is going on on the tag. Additionally it does not happen with the shell commands. When I use “lec” to see anchor list and position it has no timeout, but in my cpp program using the C-API it does. All I am calling is this in my loop

   while (ros::ok()){
    dwm_loc_get(&loc); }

Hi Christoph,

What time out are you referring to exactly ?

So I actually figured it out. It seemed like the module was resetting itself randomly. After trying some stuff it seemed like the low power mode caused it to reset itself. When I enabled that mode it worked fine.