DWM1001: BLE connection will be disconnected automatically?

Hi all,

I am using android app nRF Connect to connect the DWM1001.
We discover that the DWM1001 will be disconnected from nRF Connect automatically after ~10s.
Can we disable this BLE auto disconnection?


No one have this problem?

Hi mhc,

This behavior is expected if there is no interaction between nrf connect and the device for over 10s. In this case the dwm1001 will disconnect and broadcast again.

This cannot be disabled. Why would you like to disable it ?


Hi Yves,

Seems it is not the case.
Once over 10s after the first connection of DWM10001, it will be disconnected automatically even if there are some BLE communication process such as Characteristic Read/Write on the DWM1001.

Seems the firmware of DWM1001 will not reset the timer even if there are BLE communication.

We are trying to use BLE module to configure the Anchor and get the Tag location data.
Sometimes, the process of configuration is longer than 10s.

Hey mhc,
even if you may have solved your problem already, maybe someone else may find this information useful.

I stumbled across the same problem and was able to solve it.
You have to subscribe to a characteristic in order to keep the connection alive.
See this thread for the solution: Bluetooth disconnects after certain amount of time

Hi max,

Thanks for your advice.
My solution is same as you.
Great works on your android apps.