DWM1001 as SPI Master

Currently the onboard Nordic processor is configured to take SPI, I2C and UART commands from an external processor. In my application I want to reverse that - I want to program the onboard Nordic processor to talk to external devices. Is it possible to do this or will it step on the portion of the firmware that (presumably) I can’t touch?



Hi Doug,

The DWM1001 offers two SPI line, a SPI master 1 used for a connection with the DMW1001 and a spi 2 slave. I believe that if you want to reuse the PANS software delivered with the DWM1001, then it is not possible to modify the spi interface configuration. Also if you add a slave on the SPI1 interface, the line will be corrupted when the DW1000 will go in sleep so it is not recommended.

Regarding the I2C line, I believe the DWM1001 is a master and you could add slave if necessary.

Let me know if you have any other question,
Thank you

I would love to use SPI as master as well. Would allow to read sensor data or control low power display. Now we need to use separate controller.

Hi Doug,

if you use the on-module application with PANS library then you can disable the SPI and then configure the pins to use it as SPI Master.

See DWM1001 API Guide https://www.decawave.com/dwm1001/api/
it contains a list of restricted/open interfaces.