DWM1001 API command to get all connected anchors

Is there an API command that gets all the connected anchors with the distance. I call dwm_loc_get, but this gives me maximum of 4 anchors, I imagine the ones used for position estimation. In the shell I can see 7 anchors connected running la. I would like to implement my own multilateration algorithm to use more than 4 anchors.

see when using PANS framework, u are limited to 4 anchors when detecting the position.
Let’s say u have 10 anchors and a moving tag, each time the network changes to the four anchors that are most adequate for the network. it always gets position using 4 anchors max.
Reas the documentation more u will find more details ( DWM1001 system overview page 25 and going)


The answer above is correct,

A tag will range to maximum 4 anchors, and even if you develop a customized trilateration engine you will not be able to change this sequence it is directly inherited from the TDMA scheme.

As recommended above, have a look at the system overview document if you have a chance as it is the key document for this system.