DWM1001 and Raspberry pi communication


I am working now on a project with DWM1001 & DWM1001-Dev. I have a problem, I don’t know how to implement the system, I need the modules to communicate with each other to get the distances and send the information of the tag position to the development board and send it to the raspberry pi through SPI communcation.
I have checked the examples of the software and the tests is working.

can you tell me algorithm to do such a system and sourse code as i tried the codes with the package some of them have errors and not working and the others are not useful.

Thanks alot in advance :slight_smile:

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hi even i tried using spi and as shown in firmware document :: spi eg, when i execute the tag_cfg it shows no such file or directory found. plz help.


Build the binary with “make” and then run the binary file.