DWM1001 Anchor TAG


I have a lot of question because I want move 3 anchor and measure target length

  1. If tag don’t move than data receive latency is low , right?

but i want always high latency if tag didn’t move how can i do this??

  1. I want know that move tag between data receive latency mechanism

I made network by 3 anchor and 1 tag(tag connect laptop via serial)

When i was moved tag data latency so fast but tag fixed and 3 anchor move just same time

but data latency still slow

Is DWM1001 contain gyro sensor?

  1. DWM1001 system is Anchor fixed and Tag move

Can I reverse it? Anchor is move and Tag fixed

  1. And Auto positioning error

when I click auto positioning and measure Some device positioning error

DW0BA4 position :x = -2147483.75, y = 0,0 z 0,0

what wrong x?

5.Can I receive Tag distance by Anchor(active)

Is it possible? how?

  1. Can I receive Tag distance just 1 Anchor in network

Is it possible?

Plz help me save me :cry:


You have a lot of questions - most of which can be answered by reading the documentation and then spending some time working and getting familiar with the system.
1: the Tag update rate can be configured to the fastest rate when the tag is stationary
2: the DWM1001C has a accelerometer no gyro
3: No. Anchors are fixed locations which is needed for trilateration
4: That result is way off. Not sure why. But we recommend to use a laser measure for best results
5: 6: Read the docs!

Good luck,