DWM1001 Anchor Quadrants

According to section 4.8 Tag’s TWR Strategy from DWM1001_System_Overview.pdf a tag prefers to choose an anchor from each quadrant. How are the positions and sizes of these quadrants determined?

Is it not clear from Figure 5?

Figure 5 is showing the grid of the app to make distances clear. From what i’ve been able to tell those are not the quadrants. Attached is a picture of one of the test done with the DWM1001. Here it’s not connecting to the anchor at around 14, 16 (the middle one at the top row) when it is connecting to the one below it. It instead decides to go for the far one. There is line of sight with all anchors in this scenario aswell. So the question is, why is it not connecting to the one at the top when it is connecting to the one below it?

At the top there is a little area of 4 (in the picture grey) anchors that don’t have that good line of sight with the rest of the area as it’s an area of to the side. In this area the tags also tried to go for anchors further away to which they don’t have line of sight instead of the closer ones put in that area which resulted in an inaccurate position when being between those 4 if the rest of the anchors is turned on. If the other anchors are turned off and only the anchors in that area is turned on the position there is accurate.



“la” and “les” commands on the tag will print out the anchors tag is ranging with and also the ones it can see.