DWM1001 - Accessing Messages Content


I have been trying to access Beacon and Almanac messages using the provided API for DWM1001.

Unfortunately I did not find a way to do so.
I am trying to override the seat number allocation to provide fixed values for each anchor. On top of that, I intend to perform the auto-anchor positioning myself and fill the anchor coordinates message with the computed value.

I don’t know if I skipped the info or not but it seems there is no way to access these messages in the dwm-simple example provided on DW website.

As a side question, is it possible to reassign the buttons function on the DEV board to trigger some user defined functions?



It is not possible to change the message payload or functionality. There is no API to do this.

The Firmware User Guide and API Guide describe what is possible to do with the on-board FW / PANS library.

If you reflash the module with own FW you can do own applications, etc.

Thank you for your reply.

So the idea if I want to change the way the DEV kit is functioning is to start from this project?:

If I got it well, using the API, the only accessible functions are the one listed in Table 2 API request function list in DWM1001-API-Guide.pdf.

yes, the existing DWM1001 application, messages, timings, protocol, etc… is all fixed, i.e. not allowed to change by the user. Only minor additions/modifications are possible (which will not affect system timings and break the TWR-RTLS functionality) as per provided API.

Do you think it is possible to start from this project https://www.decawave.com/decaforum/showthread.php?tid=454&pid=1168#pid1168 and still use for example dwm_ble_compile() in order to benefit from BLE development done in the API?

Is there any plan to open a bit more the API in the future? We have a DW1000 based product with dedicated FW and want to port it to the newest module.
We were thinking that we could benefit partially from the newly developed feature like bluetooth.

The decision to be made is whether or not to start from scratch or wait for a new API release. It would be nice to know if you have already a plan for the SW releases.

No, the new release will have ability to send payload/data over the UWB network, so there will be some APIs for that. There is no plan to change any of the BLE API or open them up.

So you’ll have to develop own solution.