DWM1001 802.15.4 features

Hi everyone,

I’m currently working on a system that communicates and exchanges data through UWB.

I understood from DWM1001 System Overview that it was already using the Beacon-Enabled, SuperFrame and Guaranted Time Slots defined in the IEEE 802.15.4.

I’d like to use the beacon synchronization and manage the GTS assignment to specific nodes.

Does anyone know if those features are accessible and usable from the current firmware or is it necessary to go deeper.



Unfortunately the source of PANS library provided with the dwm1001 line of product is not provided to customer.

Some customization is possible but not to the extent you are looking for. if you really need to manage the GTS assignment, then you may need to develop a fully custom solution.

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Thank you for your reply.

I checked the GitHub and saw there was a mynewt distribution. It seems to implement Clock Calibration Packet and Time Division Access services so I might dig into that.

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The mynewt stack is indeed another option. For support regarding this stack please refer to its dedicated slack :