Dwm1000 with stm32l01153


can anybody give the source code of stm32l01153 with dwm1000 interfaces,
i struggling with that. i refered trek1000 software tools but i get the header file issues, ex:complier.h, decawave_api.h and some other headerfile. moreover i new in keil compiler too. how to fix the header file path in keil compiler if anybody have idea about stm32 interfaces kindly help me to solve.

Thanks in advance

Hi Hmdra,

The TREK/EVK/EVB hardware is based on an STM32F105 mcu and the source code is provided on decawave website.

We don’t provide example for your exact mcu but you should be able to do a porting starting from the trek source code.

Thank you,

Hi Bernard,
Thank you for your response, i will port start…

hi yves bernard,

i have ported the coding to my stm32l053 nucleo board, while i start the code it goes to the function called hardware fault(), if you know any solution for that kindly let me know, anyone have the solution for my problem please assist me to solve.

Thanks in advance

A hard fault in Cortex-M can have many root causes! For example accessing a non existent memory location, common when moving from one MCU to another as the memory map, location and sizes do change. Other cause is when a MCU peripheral clock (PCLK) is not enabled, I have seen this on some MCUs.

Just do a Google on the topic and you will find many suggestions. Need to do a little debugging!