DWM1000 Tag Can't Receive The Response Frame From Anchor

I’m using DecaRanging ARM source code for DW1000 and stm32F401

However, I found that the Anchor sent the response frame after receiving the poll frame from tag, but the tag could not be receive response frame all the time, indicating I= No response (both blink and rangeinit processes were normal).

The output includes “RX timeout while in 2” and “PD_DATA_TIMEOUT 2”. Now I don’t know what the problem is.

I’m sure the anchor has running RTLS_DEMO_MSG_TAG_POLL in “rxcallback” function and sent response"(dw_event. Type3 = DWT_SIG_TX_PENDING)". “If (DW_event ->type3 == DWT_SIG_TX_PENDING)” in case RTLS_DEMO_MSG_TAG_POLL in TA_RX_WAIT_DATA is also executed in the state machine.

What’s more, after the anchor sends response frame, the tag does not enter rxcallback function. I wonder why?

Last, I want to know, according to the source code tag after sending blink and poll should enter the sleep mode?


Is it because the distance between tag and Anchor is too close?

I put them within a meter when I tested them