DWM1000 Positioning with fixed high

Hello together

I would like to use the DWM1000 module for positioning. Thereby the tag moves only in x-y direction. The z distance (height) is always the same and is about 20cm. In addition, the anchor is about 10cm deep in the concrete floor.
Can anyone here tell me if the positioning works, or if I don’t even have to try it, because it certainly won’t work.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @Paul1
I can’t say it with 100% confidence but it would not work as it depend on concrete type and use case. What distance you need to reach?


Thanks for the quick response. I need to achieve a distance of about 4m.

Hi @Paul1
I thinks that 4m will be no go. But better would be if you will try it, there are lot of if…

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