DWM1000 or DWM3000 modules used as Tag -


I have question regarding DWM1000 or DWM3000 modules. To use as TAG, do we need to add MCU to DWM1000/DWM3000 module or we can use these module as is? If MCU needed for configuration of DWM1000/DWM3000, so once configured, do we need MCU afterwards? I am trying to understand what is minimum BOM required as TAG?

DWM1000/DWM3000 module - do these modules have connector to interface with application board?

You need MCU to drive DWM1000/3000 modules. You do not need MCU for dwm1001 module.

Thanks for feedback. Just to clarify - When you say DWM1001 does it mean we are referring to DWM1001 development board? Can we use DWM1001C Module as stand alone (No need for DWM1001-Dev board)? Thanks.

As I see MCU1001C module has MCU onboard.